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The Underground Railroad South of Chicago explores the movement of fugitive slaves/freedom seekers across the region in the decades before the Civil War, and the emergence of the networks of assistance that came to be called the Underground Railroad.  From La Salle and Livingston Counties to the west and east across Will and southern Cook Counties into northwest Indiana, thousands of freedom seekers, escaping from enslavement, passed through on their journeys to Canada.

To the River:  The Remarkable Journey of Caroline Quarlls, a Freedom Seeker on the Underground Railroad tells the incredible true story of a 16-year-old girl determined to find her freedom.  In 1843, she escaped from slavery in St. Louis and embarked on a journey up the Mississippi to Galena, by stagecoach to Milwaukee and then traveled around Chicago, staying several days in communities south of the city.  From Crete she traveled to freedom in Canada.  There she married and raised a family, This book is written with the assistance of one of her direct descendants, Kimberly Simmons.



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