Illinois Underground Railroad
Illinois Underground Railroad

Bibliography -- dated, but useful

Larry A. McClellan      Compiled, 2008

Please note that an enormous amount of material has emerged since the compiling of this listing.  See, particularly, the endnotes in my books, Onward to Chicago:  Freedom Seekers and the Underground Railroad in Northeastern Illinois (2023) and The Underground Railroad South of Chicago (2019).


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Collections digitized and on websites for California State University, Pomona; Chicago  Historical Society; Colorado Historical Society; Encyclopedia of Chicago History; Iowa History Project; Newberry Library; University of Washington; Wisconsin Historical Society.

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Chicago Democrat
Chicago Journal
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Heights Star
Joliet Democrat
Joliet Herald News
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Kankakee Journal
New York Times
Peoria Journal Star
Western Citizen
Wilmington Advocate

Selected Contemporary Newspaper Sources:

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Crete,” Feb. 22, 2004.
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Part One, February 17, 1991; Part Two, February 24, 1991; Part Three, March 3,  1991; Part Four, March 10, 1991
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Selected additional sources on the region south of Chicago:
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