Illinois Underground Railroad
Illinois Underground Railroad

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Chicago's Finest Marina  & Underground Railroad Station, Inc

Chicago's Finest Marina is being re-developed as a primier tourism site on the Little Calumet River.  It will soon be available for use by boating enthusiasts, picnics, family reunions, and historically oriented events.


It is the site of the Ton Farm, a reconcognized stop on the Underground Railroad.  In the years before the Civil War, Dutch immigrants, including Jan and Aagje Ton, assisted freedom seekers escaping enslavement in the South and traveling from Chicago to safety in Canada.  In 2020, the National Park Service recognized this as part of the Network to Freedom listing of nationally significant Underground Railroad sites.


Ronald Gaines and family own and operate Chicago's Finest Marina.  This is an historic Black-owned marina established in the 1950s for families and boat owners who faced discrimination at other marinas in the Chicago region.